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Spiral Enteroscopy

Fast, Accurate Diagnosis with Capsule Endoscopy Spiral Enteroscopy

Enteroscopy is now faster, more flexible and more effective with the new Endo-Ease Discovery SB Spiral Enteroscopy system:

Spiral Enteroscopy - Endo-Ease Discovery SB

Not long ago the small intestine was an unexplored frontier in GI endoscopy. While new developments have opened up this region it has remained a difficult organ to access and small bowel enteroscopy has been a technically challenging and lengthy procedure. Now the Endo-Ease Discovery SB offers significant innovation in flexible GI endoscopy.

Endo-Ease Discovery SB is a positioning tool designed to quickly bring an enteroscope far down in the small intestine past the Ligament of Treitz.  An over-tube with an air-filled twist is attached over an enteroscope and screwed gently clockwise down to the desired position in the small intestine, allowing a spiral to pleat the segment of the small bowel where disease is most commonly found.

This revolutionary system offers physicians an effective and time-saving alternative to single-and double-balloon system with conventional “push / pull” technology.

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